We are the answer to your defence and security questions

Founded in 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia, we have relocated our HQ to London, England since January 2023, however we also hold representation offices in Spain (Madrid, Valencia, and Marbella), Germany (Frankfurt and soon Berlin) and of course Croatia, Zagreb. We expect to open our first African office in Rabat, Morocco in June 2023.

We provide:

  • Assessment and advice on your security status
  • Highly skilled health services personnel
  • Military and security training
  • Defence and security equipment acquicition advice
  • Military and civil aircraft repairs and maintenance.
  • Food and beverages supply in remote areas
  • Armored vehicles
  • Strategic fix and mobile building constructions
  • Protection to private and commercial vessels
    against piracy at sea in dangerous waters
  • Recruitment of personnel skilled in several disciplines
  • Immersion training in relevant languages